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70th Edition of Celebration International Magazine UK 14th Tuesday November 2023

Dear Readers,
In the symphony of life’s celebrations, each edition of Celebration International Magazine is a unique crescendo, echoing the diverse stories that colour our world with joy. As we unveil the pages of our new edition, we invite you to immerse yourselves in the breathtaking visuals, enchanting narratives, and heartfelt moments that define the tapestry of this issue.

In this edition, Love stories have a unique charm, and Olamide and Oladapo’s union is nothing short of magical. The pages of their wedding album unfold like a fairy tale, with vibrant colours, joyous laughter, and the unmissable spark of true love. From the enchanting ceremony to the heartfelt vows, our lenses capture the essence of this beautiful couple’s journey to forever.

We also journey across continents to partake in the regal 60th birthday celebration of Ademola Adedunwon, the Prince Elegant, in America. The festivities were nothing short of regal, with dignitaries, family, and friends coming together to honour a man whose life has been a beacon of wisdom and grace. Dive into the opulence of this celebration as we recount the highlights of this majestic affair.

Join us as we explore the moments of laughter, reminiscence, and heartfelt wishes as the splendour of Olusegun Adekanmbi’s 60th birthday in London unfolds. The city lights shimmered in consonance with the joy that radiated from the birthday celebrant and his guests.

The Sagamu Descendants Forum (SDF) UK orchestrated a special night that brought together the Sagamu community in the diaspora. Against the backdrop of cultural performances, traditional attires, and a shared sense of heritage, this event served as a testament to the resilience and unity of the Sagamu people.

As you flip through this edition, let the stories resonate and inspire. At Celebration International Magazine, we are committed to being your companion on this journey of joy, bringing you stories that uplift, connect, and inspire. We invite you to join us in embracing euphoria and discovering the splendour within the ordinary.

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