66th edition Celebration International Magazine UK 25th of May 2023

A Grand Celebration of Milestones

In a world brimming with milestones, we bring you a magazine edition dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievements of some extraordinary individuals. Join us as we take you on a journey through an ensemble of joyous events that deserve the spotlight. From KS1 Malakia’s 50th birthday extravaganza to Adebayo Jones’ haute couture launch, Kemi and Bami’s enchanting union, and Pastor Mrs. Olubunmi Olayinka’s golden jubilee, we present a tapestry of remarkable moments.

KS1 Malakia’s 50th Birthday Extravaganza.
The world unites to celebrate the illustrious career and enduring legacy of the one and only KS1 Malakia as he reaches the golden age of 50. In this edition prepare for a spectacle of grandeur, as KS1 Malakia’s extraordinary journey takes center stage.

Pastor Mrs. Olubunmi Olayinka Celebrates Golden Jubilee in London
A pillar of faith and a beacon of hope, Pastor Mrs. Olubunmi Olayinka reaches a momentous milestone as she celebrates her golden jubilee in the heart of London. This special tribute honors her unwavering dedication, tireless service, and profound impact on her community. Join us as we reflect on her remarkable journey and the lives she has touched through her ministry and philanthropic endeavors.

Adebayo Jones Launches a Haute Couture of Distinction
Renowned fashion maestro Adebayo Jones unveils his latest collection, a haute couture line destined to redefine elegance and sophistication. We take you behind the scenes of this remarkable fashion showcase, giving you an up-close look at the intricate designs, opulent fabrics, and the creative genius that sets Adebayo Jones apart. Prepare to be captivated by the epitome of sartorial excellence.

Kemi and Bami Tie the Knot
Love is in the air as Kemi and Bami exchange vows in a ceremony that embodies true romance. Their wedding is a celebration of unity and shared dreams. Join us as we witness their heartfelt commitment, experience the vibrant traditions, and bask in the joyous atmosphere that surrounds this joyous occasion.

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