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Celebrating Alhaji Isiaka Kokumo Mogaji’s Spectacular ‘Gaji Evergreen’ 70th Birthday Bash

On the 8th of December, under the resplendent roof of the Royal Regency in London, a jubilant gathering unfolded to honor the incomparable Alhaji Isiaka Kokumo Mogaji, lovingly known as ‘De Most Valuable Socialite’ and esteemed as ‘Asiwaju Orile Igbore in Egba Land,’ on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The evening was an elite affair, graced by luminaries from Nigeria and the United Kingdom, uniting in celebration and camaraderie.

From 5 PM until the early hours of 1 AM, the Royal Regency was transformed into a beacon of festivity and elegance, radiating with the joyous atmosphere of ‘Gaji Evergreen.’ This exclusive event was hosted by the charismatic MC, Bunmi West, whose infectious energy kept the festivities alive and engaging throughout the night.

A highlight of the evening was the mesmerizing performance by the renowned Alhaji Sefiu Alao, affectionately known as Baba Oko, who traveled from Nigeria to grace the occasion with his soulful melodies. The stage was also graced by other talented musicians, adding layers of rhythm and harmony that resonated with the triumphant spirit of the celebration.

As guests reveled in the enchanting performances, they were treated to a lavish spread of delectable delicacies, tantalizing their taste buds and adding culinary delight to the already splendid affair. Amidst the music, laughter, and sumptuous offerings, heartfelt tributes and warm wishes poured in for the revered Baba Gaji, underscoring his profound impact on the lives of many.

The event drew the attention of prestigious media outlets exemplifying its significance in both local and international spheres. Celebration International Magazine captured the essence of the soirée, promising engaging coverage in its forthcoming magazine edition. Heritage TV and Temidayo Pictures were also present to immortalize the joyous moments.

Surrounded by esteemed guests, family, and friends, Baba Gaji’s milestone birthday was an unforgettable ode to his legacy and the impact he has made on Egba Land and beyond.
As the night came to a close, the echoes of celebration lingered, leaving indelible memories and a sense of gratitude for the privilege of celebrating the life of such a remarkable individual.

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  • Oladapo Ibimidun

    Beautiful, happy birthday Baba Gaji


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