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Burkina Junta Chief Says He’s Against French Policies, Not People

Captain Ibrahim Traore, the leader of Burkina Faso’s junta, has insisted that despite the country’s problems with France, his nation is not hostile to the French people but rather their government’s policies.

In an interview with the state broadcaster RTB that was aired on Thursday, Captain Traore made this claim.

The Junta Chief asserts that for collaboration to take place, both nations must consent to viewing one another as equals.

“We are not the enemy of the French people; the issue in Africa is with the policies of those in power in France.

“There’s no issue as long as a state doesn’t have an imperialistic mindset,”

They must consent to a complete reworking of our partnership, he said.

Burkina Junta Chief Says He’s Against French Policies

Traore reflected on Burkina’s historical ties to France and claimed that these ties stunted Burkina’s progress.

He remarked, without going into any detail, “They brought in people to sign lots of agreements which prevent us from developing.”

He continued, “Imperialistic states are not only France; there are others.

Traore added that France’s assistance to the Burkinabe army in its protracted war against Islamic insurgency has been futile.

Following Captain Ibrahim Traore’s coup in September 2022, France withdrew soldiers from its former colony in the face of escalating animosity. As a result, Burkina has forged stronger ties with Russia, a supporter of the junta in neighboring Mali.

At the Russia-Africa conference in Saint Petersburg in July, Traore had a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Last week, Traore had discussions on military and development cooperation with a Russian delegation.

Additionally, more than two million people have been ejected from their homes, leading to one of Africa’s greatest internal displacement disasters.

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